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Drive Capacity Calculator


This tool is expected to come with the new plot shrinker.

How does it work?

Fill in the size of your drive and select what k-size plots you want to fill it with. Are you combining space over multiple disks through raid0 (not recommended)? Just add up the total space over your drives.

A myth debunked

A commonly heard myth goes along these lines:

“The additional space used up by a k33 beyond 2x k32 does not contribute to winning a block, so using larger k sizes to fill a hard drive “more” is actually wasting space” – FALSE

This statement is a common misconception, as can be verified on the official Chia FAQ as well as in the Proof of Space Construction paper.

With this we can conclude that the number of proofs (N) are directly proportional to the plot size in bytes. K is just a constant that goes into determining the final plot size, and can therefore not simply be misconstrued as a measure for number of proofs.

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