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Tool Description
Harvest Inspector “Am I farming correctly?” Before this tool existed, this was the question that haunted us until we closed our eyes at night, but no more! Upload your debug.log and this tool will tell you how to be a better farmer!
Capacity Calculator Let your drives work their max potential and leave no space under-utilized!
Profitability Calculator Use it to improve your Plotting, Farming, or make well-informed predictions about Netspace and the price of XCH
CAPEX calculator It it time to face it; you spent way more than you were willing to spend. Count your sins and make the list - What did I actually pay for my system?
OPEX calculator All about depreciation, electricity and the cost of financing your operation
External Tools
Tool Description
Difficulty Calculator You can optionally set a fixed difficulty for you farm with This tool allows you to calculate a fixed difficulty according to your farm size and preferences.
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