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Before you start debugging, we advise you to use our Harvest Inspector. If the inspector finds many errors, follow the steps in this guide to improve your farming.

How to enable your Chia debug log?

  1. Navigate to the config.yaml file in your .chia folder.
    • For Windows: C:\Users\<username>\.chia\mainnet\config
    • For Linux: ~/.chia/mainnet/log/config
    • For Mac: /Users/<username>/.chia/mainnet/config
  2. Open the file called “config.yaml”
  3. Find a line called “log_level: WARNING” and change this to “log_level: INFO” and hit save
  4. Restart Chia for the change to take effect.

Now you can see detailed information in your Chia debug log, which is found in the chia folder.

  • For Windows: the default path is C:\Users\<username>\.chia\mainnet\log\debug.log
  • For Linux: the default path is ~/.chia/mainnet/log/debug.log
  • For Mac: the default path is /Users/<username>/.chia/mainnet/log/debug.log

What to look for in the logs?

A complete list of logging messages can be found here:

Debugging using PowerShell

Scanning your debug log with tail | grep in PowerShell is perhaps the easiest way to aggregate the information you are looking for.

For monitoring your harvester timing, for example, use

Get-Content -Path “~\.chia\mainnet\log\debug.log” -Wait | Select-String -Pattern “found”

And for finding errors, use

Get-Content -Path “~\.chia\mainnet\log\debug.log” | Select-String -Pattern “error”

Third party tools

Also you can use third-party tools to check your logs. Use at your own risk and consult our security page.

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