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Linux CLI Stockplotter

  1. When starting from scratch, install Chia with these instructions:
  2. Ensure your node and wallet are fully synced
  3. Your wallet needs at least 1 Mojo to join a pool. Use if you don't have 0.000000000001 XCH (1 Mojo)
  4. Create the pool wallet:
    chia plotnft create -u -s pool
  5. Check details and confirm with Y
  6. Check if your pool wallet is activated:
    chia plotnft show

    It can take up till 2 minutes for the pool wallet to show up.

  7. Copy Pool contract address (or P2 singleton address in older versions)
  8. Create your first pool plot:
    chia plots create -t /temp/directory/ -d /final/directory -c [POOL CONTRACT]
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