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How to move the Chia DB to another folder

While the Chia blockchain data is still relatively small in this early stage, it will continue to grow. At some point, you may want to move the files to another folder. In this guide, you will learn how to change the location of your Chia blockchain data. It is also possible to move the wallet data in the same way.

  1. Make sure you stop all Chia processes first
  2. Locate the data that you want to move. First, you need to navigate to the path where the blockchain and wallet data are stored. By default, this is: C:\Users\<YOURUSERNAME>\.chia\mainnet\.
  3. Copy the folders db and wallet and paste them in the location you want to store them, for example D:\Chia_Blockchain
  4. Then, go back to your Chia folder C:\Users\<YOURUSERNAME>\.chia\mainnet\ and navigate to the “config” folder. Here you will find the config.yaml file. Open it with your favourite text editor and change the following entries:

Changes are made using our example path D:\Chia_Blockchain, but of course, you can replace this with whichever path you want to store your DB files. It is recommended that you store the DB and wallet on an SSD.

Databaseconfig.yaml entry From: To:
Blockchainfull_node: database_path: db/blockchain_v2_CHALLENGE.sqlite D:/Chia_Blockchain/db/blockchain_v2_CHALLENGE.sqlite
Blockchain peer tablefull_node: peer_db_path: db/peer_table_node.sqlite D:/Chia_Blockchain/db/peer_table_node.sqlite
Walletwallet: database_path: wallet/db/blockchain_wallet_v2_CHALLENGE_KEY.sqliteD:/Chia_Blockchain/wallet/db/blockchain_wallet_v2_CHALLENGE_KEY.sqlite
Wallet peer tablewallet: wallet_peers_path: wallet/db/wallet_peers.sqlite D:/Chia_Blockchain/wallet/db/wallet_peers.sqlite

“Please do at your own risk” -Fellow Farmer

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