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Farming many Chia Forks

One cool aspect of Proof of Space & Time (PoST) is that it you can use your plots for consensus on multiple blockchains. This process is called co-farming and is a unique feature that other consensus mechanisms don't have. Currently, all alternative blockchains you can support have forked from the Chia Network, with near to most not altering a single bit of the code. Some forks have tried to build additional functionality, although it is not to be expected that any of the forks will provide greater utility than the Chia Network anytime soon.

Which Chia forks are out there?

How do I farm Chia forks?

Because the forks cloned the Chia Network, farming a fork works similar to farming Chia: You download the latest version –> synch to the network –> set your plot directory and your are done.

Some people have even been seen running up to 14 forks simultaneously, but beware of the added stress to your system.

Caveats of farming Chia forks

So if it is that easy, why is not everyone doing it?

Security risks

First and foremost, when you are farming forks you will have to expose your private key. This means that if only one fork that you farm is untrusted, they can steal all your XCH and fork coins! Part of this risk can be mitigated with the right security.

Incompatible with NFT plots

Currently, not all the forks are compatible with NFT plots; that is to say that instead of receiving the full block reward, only 1/8 is currently recoverable. This puts NFT plots at a disadvantage over OG plots for the forks. But alot of developers from the forks are working on this issue. Flora Coin was one of the earliest which made a tool for bringing the 7/8 reward back to the farmer wallet. You need to wait a week before you can bring the full reward back. Flax did automate the process to bring back the 7/8 reward with a delay of a week.

Pooling for Chia forks

Given the state that the forks are in right now, SpaceFarmers does currently not support pooling functionality for forks. We consider adding this in the future, if it brings more value to our farmers.

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