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How to create MadMax Gigahorse pool plots on Windows?

Farming Madmax Gigahorse-compressed pool plots is fully supported on Chia pool!

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It is now possible to plot and farm “compressed” plots. These plots make use of a trade-off between Proof of Space and some compute: the higher the compression level, the more compute is required to generate the missing proofs on the fly.

Although compressed plots require more electricity (and, potentially, a GPU) to be farmed than uncompressed pool plots, they are economical up until certain compression levels. Do note that because of the development work that went into this, the proprietary Gigahorse farmer from Madmax levies a dev fee of 3.125 % for GPU-farmed plots and 1.562 % for CPU-farmed plots (plus potentially some transaction fee revenue).

In this guide you will learn how to create pool plots for Windows using MadMax' proprietary Gigahorse plotter.

Good to know: Gigahorse-compressed plots are already compatible with Chia pooling. However if you do not want to pay the development fee and can wait a bit longer, Chia Network's open source Bladebit CUDA plotter will also allow you to create compressed plots. As of 2023-02, Bladebit CUDA-compressed plots are, however, not yet farmable!

System requirements

  • 64+ GB RAM (anything below 256GB requires a temp2 directory)
  • 4GB VRAM GPU minimum, but 8GB recommended

How to

Step 1: Install WSL

Step 2: Install Sourcetree

install Sourcetree

Step 3: Clone Gigahorse repository

Clone Gigahorse repository

Warning: Even though MadMax is a renowned community developer, this software is closed source, which means the community can not inspect it for unsafe code. As with all third party software, we can therefore not endorse it or guarantee it's safety.

Step 4: Create Gigahorse Poolplots

Tip: It's highly recommended to create a new plotfNFT for the gigaplots, as it allows you to set a difficulty specific to these plots.

  1. go to <folder specified in clone git>/cuda-plotter/windows and run cuda_plot_k32.exe
  2. Specify the following params:
    • -C = compression level
    • -n = number of plots
    • -M = RAM
    • -t = temporary directory
    • -d = final directory
    • -f = farmer key (link to how to find this)
    • -c = pool contract key (link to how to find this)


  1. cd into the correct dir
  2. .\cuda_plot_k32.exe -C 5 -n 1 -M 256 -t D:\ -d D:\ -f <your farmer key> -c <your pool contract key>

Additional sources:

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