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How to Contribute to this wiki?

This wiki is by the community - for the community. We want to give anyone that is willing to write up a nice article the possibility to do so.

Who can get edditing rights?

Anyone is able to make add or change information on our Wiki. All change are logged and monitored by the SpaceFarmers team. If you need help editing the Wiki, please contact a moderator on our Spacefarmer Discord.

Content guidelines

We want the information on the wiki to be of added value. That is why we ask you to avoid copy-pasting content that is already out there in the Chia Ecosystem, but focus on adding value to it. That means that it is completely fine to rely on information supplied by other sources, but try to summarize that into something useful for our farmers. There is already a lot of great content out there from people that put a lot of time into creating it, so please be respectful to their content.

How to edit a page?

Use the “edit this page” functionality displayed on the sidebar on the right –>

Before making changes to any page, please refer to the styleguide.

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