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How are rewards distributed?

We distribute rewards based on PPLNS(24h) per block. We then batch the payments to a single daily transaction, which happens slightly after 19:00 PM UTC.

Our blocks page lists all the blocks that have been found since pool inception, with corresponding pay-outs.


Pay Per Last Number of Shares (PPLNS) means that the block reward (1.75 XCH) is split among our farmers, based on each farmer's collected points from the 24-hour window ending at the time the block was found..

Multicoin Pay-out

We have partnered with to offer the option to receive your Chia farming rewards in a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, including but not limited to Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH),Litecoin (LTC) and many others!

To use this functionality, log in to your dashboard, and navigate to the settings page. Here you will find the option to select your preferred pay-out coin. Is your prefered coin not on the list? Then please inform us, so that we can see if we can add it to the selection.


Note that some coins have a minimum payout threshold, which is dictated by SimpleSwap. You can check the payout threshold by hovering over the swap symbol of the next payout batch in the payouts tab. If your threshold is not met in a given week before Sunday 19:00 PM UTC, your outstanding balance will be automatically paid out in XCH.

You can review your pending payouts in your payouts tab. If a swap has been succesful, this is indicated with a green swap symbol. Additional information about the swap is provided if you click the symbol, including a link to your swap details on SimpleSwap.

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