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Dashboard - Blocks

The blocks tab of the SpaceFarmer dashboard will show you:

  • The blocks you farmed for the pool.
  • Your Expected Time to Win (ETW) a block
  • Your current effort, as well as past blocks' effort
  • Your historical average effort over all previous blocks you farmed

An overview of all blocks found by the pool can be found on the block page.

What is effort

Based on the size of your farm and the total netspace, there is a time frame in which you are expected to win a block (ETW). If you win a block exactly in this time frame, your effort will show as 100%. If you take longer than the expected time, your effort will exceed 100%. If, for example, you take 3x as long as expected to win a block, you will have an effort of 300%. Individual effort can swing a lot. Sometimes you go over the 100%, some times you will find a block way before your ETW. The law of large numbers states that you will end up with 100% average effort in the long-run, but in the short-run, individual effort can vary a lot; being in a pool helps to smooth your rewards.

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