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How do I join SpaceFarmers with my existing NFT plots?

We outline two ways of joining:

  • With the GUI
  • Using the CLI (command-line interface)

It can take up to 30 minutes (100 block confirmations) before the pool contract is switched from your former pool to SpaceFarmers.

Once your switch is successful, you can log in to your SpaceFarmer Dashboard.


Joining SpaceFarmers with your existing plots is really simple. In the GUI, click to the “Pooling” tab on the left sidebar, then locate the NFT connected to the plots that you want to move over. Click the “Change Pool” button. In the “Connect to pool” field enter:

Click “Change” and you are done! (reminder, after this point, it can take up to 30 minutes for this process to complete)

joining SpaceFarmers with your pool plots


chia plotnft show

Note the wallet id (above Current state), you'll need it in the next command:

chia plotnft join -i {WALLET_ID} -u

It will ask for your confirmation, check the details and confirm with Y

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