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Reconciliation Page

Reconciliation, in the context of our Chia pool, refers to the meticulous process of aligning and cross-verifying different aspects of our pool's operations to ensure accuracy, transparency, and trust within our community. This involves matching partials – the contributions made by individual participants – to the actual farmed blocks, providing a clear and verifiable account of each member's contribution to the pool.

How to match

Navigate to the reconciliation page and select the day you want to do the reconciliation exercise for in the top left. You can go back all the way to January 2023, when we first launched our feature of recording blockworthy partials.

The reconciliation page gives insight in the matching of

  • a block-worthy partial of a , to
  • a coinbase coin hitting the , to
  • the claim of the coin to our

The pane provides details on the partial (Partial Time, Partial time taken and Status) and the farmer (LauncherID and Farmer Client). By navigating to the LauncherID, you can verify the blockworthy partial (partials submitted to the pool with high enough difficulty that they would be good enough to form a block) in the partials tab of the dashboard.

Information on the coinbase coin of the farmed block can be found in the pane. Here, the blockworthy partials get matched to actual blocks farmed. It shows the height and timestamp of when the block can be claimed by the pool, the amount, as well as a link to the coin name.

Now, the pool needs to claim the reward to the . You can see the height and timestamp of when the pool claims the coin, as well as see the coin enter the pool wallet.

Understanding edge cases

When the matching process is flawless, no errors show up in a row. However, there are some weird cases that we should monitor for:

Solo blocks

The label is applied in two cases:

  • Farmers joining with unclaimed rewards

It can happen that before a farmer changes his PlotNFT from solo farming to SpaceFarmers, they forget to claim their solo rewards. In this case, the pool will claim the blocks on their behalf, and notify the farmer that the rewards can be claimed within 30 days.

  • Farmers producing blocks, but not submitting partials

In very unlikely cases, farmers can submit blocks to the pool, but not deliver any valid partials. This is what we sometimes jokingly refer to as “reversed dead weight”. One reason could be that the farmer is using an unsupported Chia version. This case can be identified when there is a in the Partials time column.

Dead weight

  • Farmers submitting partials, but withholding blocks

Eventhough due to the clever design of the pooling reward system farmers are incentivized to submit the blocks they form, it can happen that blocks are (un)intentionally withheld. Farmers will still share in the rewards of other farmers in the pool. This is what we call dead weight and when detected these farmers will be contacted and/or removed from the pool. It is indicated with in the Claimable height and Collected height columns.

Stale partials

  • Farmers submitting partials too slow to form a block

At SpaceFarmers we maintain a cut-off of 32s for partial submission, any later than that and the partial is labeled as too late. Due to the deterministic nature of the protocol, it is however possible that the partial still make it to form a block (conversely, it is also possible, though very unlikely that a partial is submitted within 32s and is considered too late by the protocol). When the protocol decides the block is too late, it is classified with in the Claimable height and Collected height columns.


Although rare, it is possible that a farmers finds a block, but not all nodes came to consensus that this block belongs to the longest chain. In this case the block is reverted in the re-organized (reorg) version of the blockchain and the protocol does not reward this farmer for this block. Because it is quite difficult to differentiate a reorg block from a withheld block with certainty, these blocks are currently still labeled as in the Claimable height and Collected height columns.

Late pool claim

  • Pool failed to claim reward in time

After a farmer succesfully created a block, the pool needs to claim the pool reward. Generally we have ample time to complete this process, but for completeness we included this step for verification.

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