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Pool Partial Quality

Here is a list of all the different pool partials that you can encounter.


A good quality partial that is accepted by the pool to determine your share in block payouts

Too late

Partial proof responded to the challenge too late (took >25sec) to be accepted as valid. See how to avoid stales during copy.

Duplicate signage point

In the “Partials” tab of your farm, you've noticed each partial submitted to the pool identifies a unique signage point (SP), aka “challenge”, and the public key of the plot where the partial proof for this very signage point was found. The chia network broadcasts two signage points per block, i.e. a target of 9216 SPs per 24h. If you watch carefully your duplicate partials, you'll notice you find a few seconds (max 2 min) before the duplicate partial the exact same partial (same SP, same plot public key). The most common reason for duplicates is the network itself sent the same SP twice or more. The farmer process forwards the duplicate SPs to the harvester, which ofcourse finds the same partial proof again, and the farmer process sends the same partial again to the pool server. We don't know where it comes from, and call it a “network hiccup” for lack of a better word or explanation. The other possible reason is ofcourse if you farm the same plot more than once, e.g. on two distinct harvesters. But from our experience, it's generally not the case. Last known case is when you have a voluntarily redundant setup with two distinct farmers farming the same plots. Keep in mind you score for the first valid partial, and lose nothing in the end.

Reverted signage point

The network sends out signage points for you to harvest, but they got reverted (like orphan blocks).

Difficulty changed

You've found a partial with a lower difficulty as your current pool difficulty (often happens when your difficulty has just changed, e.g. when you just joined the pool).

To be validated

The partials are now displayed “real-time”. When they reach the pool server they're temporarily worth 0 points because they must be validated, and we need 2 minutes to make sure they're valid (especially in the case of a reversed signage point).

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