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V1.3 Release Log (2021/11/07)

New features

  • Voluntary fee - set a fee of your liking as donation for the pool (Thanks!)
  • Updated farmer plots tab:
    • Improved harvesters table
    • Added plots graph (replaces the old plots table)
    • Name your harvesters (requires login)
  • More effort stats (30d, 7d, etc) added to the blocks page
  • Personal effort added to farmers page (+ previous blocks)
  • Show pool current effort in Discord
  • Show farmer current payout address
  • Show payout address of historical payouts
  • Added partials endpoint to API (see API docs)
  • Added plots endpoint to API (see API docs)

Bugfixes / minor improvements

  • Start farmer TiB graph from farm size 7D ago and not from 0
  • Don't add 0 points farmers to the payout list
  • Paginated farmer payouts tab
  • Dashboard overview styling improvements (eg. hide days in ETW when 0)
  • Fixed the bug where opening a farmer tab in a new tab / windows gave an error
  • Made TriplleM999's diff calculator default (removed old diff calculator)
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